The heart of technological innovation is research. The collaboration of SAE-SMB laboratory with famous international universities and the most qualified vehicle manufacturers, allows to define and develop customer oriented products. The development of new technical solutions and the simulation of the most critical working improve quality and performance. The SAE-SMB test centre, submits axles to global tests. Both from the structural and braking point of view.


SAE-SMB braked axles are ECE-R13 homologated. The technical characteristics of SAE-SMB products are recognised in Europe and in most of the industrial countries worldwide. Homologated axles allow the manufacturers of vehicle to safely develop their project from the beginning of it. Production according to the international rules gives them the opportunity of standardizing their products and widening their commercial horizon.


Quality is essential construction. SAE-SMB is grounded on the cooperation with the customers to facilitate the technical choices and meet the requirements of the end user. Customers meet in SAE-SMB a valuable technical support to plan the undercarriage groups thus focusing their resources on the fun¬ctionality of the vehicle. SAE-SMB is also oriented to the end user with solutions designed to minimize and simplify maintenance to reduce management costs, under any aspect, even in the choice of the finishing. The cataphoretic painting process ensures the maximum protection in all environmental conditions. Look in the same direction assistance programs designed by SAE-SMB and the development of specific spare parts kit.

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