In 1947 three technicians specialised in mechanical construction, supported by “Thome industrial“ well known for steel forging and casting started the production of trailer axles.
The new company called Societé Ardennaise d’Essieux grew rapidly thanks to the Thome group’s introduction in the heavy industry and the clever activity of the three technicians. Over the years the company SAE became leader in production of road axles in the French market and achieved a an important position in the whole European market , thanks to a very reliable and efficient products both from the technical and quality point of view.

Since the ‘90s the company became a t reference trade mark and joined to the German group Gigant , specialised in the production of mechanical and pneumatic suspension. This operation enables SAE to provide the assembly of axles and complete suspensions to all its customers. In the following years the company gets’ specialises in the supply of axles and suspensions for special trailers , low load trailers, tankers, dumpers and forestry trailer, developing drum brakes, disc brakes, suspensions and steering axles for this types of vehicles.

The company SMB was established in the 70s as an unit specialized in assembly, then expanding for the production of axles and suspensions for all trailers of the group Fruehauf, Titan etc. This company provided all the companies of the Fruehauf group in Europe, Africa, Japan.

In 2006, the two companies SAE and SMB joined and established a great center for the manufacture of axles and suspensions reaching the maximum production of 50.000 axles during the 2008, with a turnover of 90.000.000 €.

The company with its entry into the group ADR is ready to face new challenges by investing in production and research and development and to recover its leading position in the market.
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